6 tips to make supported team decisions

6 tips to make supported team decisions

There is a saying in the Netherlands that something is really wrong when we don't complain. Complaining is okay, and it shows you are at least committed. However, isn't it weird that team members complain about a decision they just made as a team? As a leader, you can...

Be more like me: a pessimist!

Be more like me: a pessimist!

I attended a conference last week, and one of the talks was about people and how we think. The presenter also talked about pessimistic and optimistic people during this talk. Is the glass half full or half empty? For some reason, we believe everyone should be...

Back to the Basics of Nature to Manage Teams

Back to the Basics of Nature to Manage Teams

Do you struggle to lead your team? To help your team to create value? Learn what you can learn from nature! This blog post is based on the inspiring TEDx Talk done by Ralph van Roosmalen. 33. Do you know what this number means? Probably not without any context. On...

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