We hope you enjoyed Forward Virtual by Management 3.0! Many good sessions! Did you attend the session Helping Teams Create Value by Ralph van Roosmalen? Maybe yes and you want to continue learning about Art of Teams, or maybe not and you want still to start learning about the Art of Teams.

You can get free access for three months to the Art of Teams community! Keep learning, exchange ideas, share experiences and interact with other people! After three months you subscription is automatically ended, and you also don’t need to enter your credit card details. Just fill in the form below, that is it!

Be quick and get your free access to the community! The offer is only valid till 31 January 2021. Fill in the form and we will give you free access!

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Join the community and learn from other people

Interact with like-minded people in the Art of Teams community. Share ideas, new and exciting tools, and insights from real-world experiences to help teams create value. 

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Do you want to learn more about the six components at your own pace?

Join the TOTA Academy and learn about how to have clarity, care about the results, understand their impact, have valuable conflicts, experience trust, and are reliable. Small bite-sized courses, that will grow your team skills in no time.

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Learn about how to support teams to become successful

Take the next step and attend an in-person or online workshop! Getting together with other people who want to learn about the TOTA model is the best way to grow your skills. The TOTA workshops are a mix of theory and practice, but above all: interaction with the other attendees!

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